Early access of a new product - GitPlex

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Early access of a new product - GitPlex

Postby robinshen » Fri Nov 18, 2016 6:28 am

We are pleased to announce early access of a new product, GitPlex. It is a git repository management server working with QuickBuild to provide new experience of source browsing and code review.

A bit background of GitPlex:

While developing QuickBuild and supporting our customers, we want a git tool able to understand our code, so that we can quickly find symbols and jump between them in selected revisions to be efficient. The tool should allow us to comment and discuss on any block of code or diff freely, even outside of pull request context. We also want the tool to automatically squash commits in a pull request upon merging to keep the history clean and understandable, plus many other practical requirements. None of the products on the market sufficed our needs, so we created GitPlex three years ago to manage QuickBuild code base. As the tool gets mature over time through our daily usage, we decide to make it a separate product to share our practices on code review. Interested users may check out the iterative code review process able to be achieved with GitPlex here:

http://wiki.pmease.com/display/GP10/Ite ... ll+Request

Or check out below for a lightweight review process:

http://wiki.pmease.com/display/GP10/Exp ... Commenting

And here is list of features making GitPlex different from other products:


Thanks for your time and we hope that you feel the product useful.
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