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Cannot resolve request build for configuration #3726

stephasaurus ·


Ever since upgrading to QB7, for configurations that trigger other builds, we sometimes get a failure with the error: "Can not resolve requested build for configuration '<configuration path>'. Check server log for details.

But there's nothing about it in the server log and we can't reproduce it.

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robinshen ADMIN ·

This should not be specific to QB7. Normally this happens when your configuration depends on another configuration via QB repository, and that configuration does not have any builds in it (or the build condition does not allow it to generate build).

chublier ·


Coming back to this subject after years. It still occurs today to QB 12.0.1.
What do you mean by "that configuration does not have any builds in it" ?
The step "Trigger other configuration" sometimes fails with the exact same error and I can't reproduce it as there is actually a configuration to be triggered.

Could Quickbuild provides more information and/or consider solving this error?



robinshen ADMIN ·

This may happen when something gets wrong writing to underlying database. Please check server log to see if there are more details for this error.