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Priority for node #4409

Leemool ·


I couldn't find a solution in the support pages.
For a configuration I can use 10 machines.
But I want to use 6 of them as a priority and if these are not available, use the other 4.
I don't know if I should create two different resources and use the node preferences setting.
Knowing that the 6 machines have a different name base than the last 4 to use.
Do you have a clue to help me?


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robinshen ADMIN ·

No need to use two difference resources. Just use node preference setting to select preferred node out of candidate nodes.

Leemool ·

using this?
I try to use "first matched node", but seems not working like expected.


robinshen ADMIN ·

Please use the option "select preferred node using script" and specify script as below:

def listOfNodes = new ArrayList(nodes);
listOfNodes.sort{it -> it.getAttribute("priority", "100") as int};
return listOfNodes.get(0);

Then for nodes you prefer to use, define user attribute "priority" with a value less than 100.

Leemool ·

Thx a lot it works well,i understand now
I maybe will modify it to use a verification with the name insted of a user attribute verification.

Thx a lot again