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define multiple repos using expression and checkout multiple #4410

jclx ·

We are moving from Perforce to GIT and in Perforce we could checkout 50-100 repos using an script to define the p4 client spec, where we could create it based on a naming convention or using p4 dirs to list repos/projects.

But for the Git repository definitions, it only allows a single repo definition per repository definition.
I didn't see anything that would allow multiple. Just thought I would check if there was anything, before I decide to write a plugin for this.
Something like:
'Fetch URLs' (plural to defined multiple that took multiple urls and would iterate over them.
Of course 'Destination Path' would need to be specific for each url too.
And then the Checkout Step, having to define a step for each one would be lots of cfg work. If the Repository field allowed multiple and was scriptable too.

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robinshen ADMIN ·

A single git repository definition can not be used to handle multiple git repos. You will need to write plugin or use groovy script to add multiple repo definitions and add corresponding checkout step to checkout them.