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QuickBuild 13.0 now available #4463

robinshen ADMIN ·

Dear users,

QuickBuild 13 is now released. Some major improvements:

  1. Dark theme for QB
  2. Docker integration to build image, run container, or run specified commands
  3. TOTP based two-factor authentication
  4. Java 17 LTS support
  5. Global resource to limit build concurrency without requiring build running on specific node
  6. Able to search configurations via restful api
  7. Able to customize page css styles
  8. Move all step related links back to the left side close to the step name
  9. Able to loop through multiple LDAP authenticators in case some of them are down
  10. Display all promotion target builds in build detail page
  11. Able to copy notification from one configuration to another
  12. Able to calculate perforce changes if build with label
  13. Allow agents to wait for QB server on startup
  14. Able to specify scriptable display name of promotion
  15. Audit variable change via script
  16. Set Kuberntes image pull policy to be always when test relevant cloud profiles
  17. Loop all applicable cloud profiles to launch on-demand node
  18. Improve error detection to detect lines not matching specific pattern as errors

For more information, please check

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drdt ·

There is some very exciting stuff here. I'd especially like to see details on how to make use of these new features:

  • global resource
  • multiple LDAP authenticators
  • CSS customization
  • docker build step

When can we expect updates to the documentation?

robinshen ADMIN ·