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API changes (QuickBuild version 6 vs version 9) #41

SameOldSong ·

Hello. We've just upgraded QuickBuild from version 6 to 9.

We had to update one of our in-house Orchestrator plugins because of the change in class NodeLauncher.
Method launchNode() used to return String. Now it has to return a LaunchResult object.

  1. Where can I find information about this change, in particular - what an object of class LaunchResult is supposed to represent and where it is used after being returned by method launchNode()?

  2. More general question: where can I read about API changes between versions?

Thank you

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robinshen ADMIN ·

Normally all API changes are documented in QB release wiki. For instance:

However for this change, we've forgot to document it. The LaunchResult can be constructed as below:

public LaunchResult(String launchId, @Nullable String ip, int port, @Nullable Boolean overSSL)

The first parameter is same as previous, the second parameter is ip address of the agent (pass null if you are not sure about the new ip), the third parameter is port of the agent (normally 8811), and the last parameter tells QB whether or not the agent port is a ssl port)

SameOldSong ·

Thank you!